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While I make every attempt to absorb every Christmas song and the smell of good olde Christmas hyacinth and rally for pre-Season circus, snow seems to avoid these premises. According forecasts there is slight hope to have some by Christmas week. Let’s keep the thermometer below zero to prepare the ground and hope the best with Bing Crosby.


Decembers take patience nowadays.

The International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) drove their drill down 1000 meters of sea and further 2446 meters of rock, and found tiny single-celled organisms capable of life without oxygen or light or rich nutrition, like their extremely slow metabolism shows. This is also another warning for those who still think there are safe places for having a simple meal minding your own business; but also a tip to modeling agencies.

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Scientists at the University of New South Wales have discovered eighty percent of body fat leaving the body via exhaling while the rest exit as sweat, urine and other excretions.
There are already voices demanding safety from passive fattening.

The Mars rover Curiosity has observed spikes of methane, which has been interpreted either as signs of life, or simply volcanic activity. This has not been stopping different medias breaking funny colored news about Martian farts or fartial Mars. While we desist from this practice we instead once again pity a lonely device far out there, putting ourselves into its place and practising moving a few meters annually, eyeing the potholes, crevices and ditches wishing controller is not having Christmas party at control room; knowing that we are in same spot with owner of modern smartphone who cannot replace batteries without official operator. And our jackpot hitting news across the void are the ones of sleeping planet breaking wind while the really breaking news would have been someone saying ‘Whoopsie, excuse me, must’ve been those tacos…’. Oops, there went the promise of not…Whatever.

Sony Pictures has put oncoming Christmas release The Interview into Cancellation City following alleged North Korean nerd hack into Sony’s systems and revelation of piles of confidential material. Thanks to executives’ embarrassing email rage while believing in 100% Internet safety the rumour is studios now probably preparing an oncoming epic blockbuster about North Korea Worker’s Party congress.