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I understand and confess I’m not most clever car owner due my internal resistance to visit car stores while my wagon still has some exchange value. Instead I keep them to the point where garage visits overvalue tin box itself. Thus a finger points to my humble being when need of major refitting of clutch(also the sound from my Adam’s apple) became clear just before Christmas.
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As years of two hundred kilometers’ daily commuting went harmlessly, sticking later to town traffic brought the technology to its knees. While the trusty creature was valued friend, ownership of such thing feels sometimes just a necessity of infuriating nature.

There have been more and more hit and run accidents at the zebra crossings. It is clear that black and wet winter makes it extremely difficult to perceive every movement along the road, but running away is another thing. Thanks to successes in Grand Prix and WRC this country likes to call itself ‘Fastest Nation in World’; I’d change it to ‘Quickest’ with a nasty grin as law enforcement is kept shrinking with budget cuts.

Researchers of University of Manchester UK believe to have shot down the myth of linked mobile phones and power lines causing cancer. It means smartphone fiddling folks stumbling under cars driven by smartphone fiddling drivers destined to hit the ditch or worse anyway later is not caused by magnetic fields.
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Greenpeace has apologized its message carved next to famed Nazca Lines, Peru. While the stunt was all too safe to conduct compared to dirty mines with bloodthirsty security militia, I still would have left off the signature and claimed message coming from the extraterrestrials, whose landing procedures are now in jeopardy thanks to messed up runway.
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