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Perhaps it is in frustration of having black winter right now, I’m giving this site a whitewash. As per recent excessive snowy forecasts elsewhere I’m hit severely by the constant darkness and would be glad to ease and share someone else’s blizzards. Well, it is probable I don’t know what I’m talking about but still could receive a decent winter here. Especially when I’ve been tormented by the flat tire in my bicycle, refusing to fix it just before winter and warm just goes on.
Nuff said, let’s pick up some news to fresh white background and test those Getty images.

After nine year journey, New Horizons probe has been awakened 2.9 billion miles away to observe dwarf planet Pluto and its moons.Embed from Getty Images

There’s certain likeness to having been awakened to cell phone in a hangover, there’s cold and you breathe heavily and have to ask where the hell you are, only redeeming feature being is waking up alone. No, the dwarf is still far off.

Ralph H. Baer, the father of video games has passed away in age of 92. His was the Odyssey game system as early as 1972, so the interactive challenges have been among us quite a long time but not long enough as people still pass by snickering ‘Now there’s a healthy child’s play’.Embed from Getty Images

Of course, the game console revolution eased this a bit since 1990s, but it has not been not any consolation for DIY PC folks who are still pointed at, not least by the console people who prefer quick and simple packages. I believe the scale of those ‘discussions’ is left runner-up only by adult entertainment in the Web.
Note that I’m not available to those discussions.

Researchers at University of Gottingen have studied Moroccan Barbary macaque ape poop and found out that macaque stress levels are considerably lower when socializing with group mates other than their competitors, partners or family.Embed from Getty Images

So, having similar social behavior us men need a night out socializing with other men to lower the stress level caused by partners, family and other men. Thanks to social behavior fluids you don’t have to remember much of such socializing and the battle rages on, despite a bit quieter overtures and the fact your nightly behavior could be examined alongside other anthropoid primates.