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Sightseeing old castles around Europe has been in the plans for a while. Lazy as I am, I hardly managed to kick myself and family to see some rubble just 30+ miles away, in the island of Kuusisto just south of Kaarina town. I think the temperatures were in same numbers in Celsius, perhaps 86F. This heap of stones – the last sanctuary of catholic bishops during Reformation – proved to be important from the viewpoint of history for it was just another victim of religious conversion, restored just a bit lately.general
I could just link you to the sources but that would be kinda unfriendly even in a case of hurry:
Southwestern Finland was already under the reign of Swedish kings. The reigning of Finland area changed and continued until Russia took over 1809 during Napoleonic Wars.


Wife is always a good scale.

The initial structures of this medieval episcopal castle may have been just a manor from 13th century end until 15th century when the conversion into castle was fulfilled by the bishop Maunu Tavast. Earliest mention is from bishop Maunu I, recording one of his letters in Kuusisto 1295. The exact location has not been confirmed. The last bishop of the castle was Arvid Kurki who escaped Danish onslaught 1522 but drowned attempting to reach Sweden.
Swedish king Gustaf Wasa took the castle from Danes 1523 but ordered the it being dismantled in order to keep the Catholics away, which was done during 1528. There was no further interest for the fortress. The stones were scattered into nearby churches and at least Kastelholma fortress in Aland.
What you’ll see is just stones and bricks, bricks and stones and masonry. Standing there it was really hard to imagine a castle around you, getting just a slight idea of rooms and spaces. Perhaps I’ll visit there during autumn full moons  to see stones crying.


Location of the ruins.


The rubble has its past.


You can tell the different builds of this rubble.

Whatever there was...

Whatever there was…

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