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Unnaccustomed as I am to public speaking and to teach anyone opening the knots inside head, I still shall briefly describe three absurd, abstract and absent states of my own. Let the two small local rivers be the Eridanus, or Lethe or a flow from Sergeant Pepper, just draw analogies of you own.

Let us start from the dark dilemma, the ‘that something blocking you from sitting there and let go’, the maelstrom of mixed colors temperature, lost concept of scheduling and drafting order and the overlapping frames of environment you live in. The simple description in the end is


FROZEN. Under inability there is a maelstrom of lame, idle, sub-conscious excuses and agony.

Let the second state be the opposite. Of course it’s my own muse; still partly frozen but rather determined with icy certain conception: There is the Flow. Clear and beautiful and bright to breath. Still looking more like lethal Lethe, but for me the death of warm season guarantees the brightest colors with greatest breathing ability. Ironic some twisted way, ain’t it?


I simply lose all idle arguments in front of this.

The third state is, apologizes, actually the middle one. I left it here for the lighter side of finals. The very idea of these lesser blogs written with sudden idea jumping out of the Flow of Idleness. I’m not the quickest one and these take time the more I’m losing the grip of decades’ computer learning. But I’ll shoot anyway. There’s


QUACK QUACK the creative ducks from freezing Eridanus jump to the face of blog audience. Everything that was too big to TWEET TWEET.

That’s it. Drawing own analogies or metaphors may cost you valuable time but Thank You anyway. No, I’ve not been smoking.