A pre-blog for a movie analysis about something that had a great effect on me; but I gotta put out this little: Haven’t got out but schnellmessages in social media. But I’m alive. And decided that although the paragraphs below were meant to accompany the initial article, they were long enough to produce some promotional block. A bit pathetic but like it’s predecessor(‘Pet Sematary‘), it takes a long contemplation(a word that wont survive long in modern society?) of one’s deepest reactions. Wondering about ‘cheap closure’? First, check out my last line in this blog.


Camera lies as always. Morning fog withdrawal along the valley. I’ll never learn to handle the contrast. Spooky enough.

In the relentless flow of horror movie genre there must come a moment when the makers and definitely the Producers are getting unsure of directions. Material and margins get narrow. Amount of sequels of antique box office hits start congesting the ever few rails to silver screens and the Finance takes very slow time to adapt into something else than the most secure bets with nanometre accuracy; no tolerances.
Still this means there is a chance for something out-of-the-line; even for something with less blood, for something with less splatter, for something with less screaming teens. And for something echoing the traditional, even the more basic form of horror where the mere presence of supernatural does not mean violent death for the innocent beholder. After the gory wave and long sagas of masked butcherers of the eighties, a calm was achieved; but when stabbers like Scream tolled bells for the return of soon-to-be-bloodied teens, a gem sneaked it’s way to new growing wave, by the simple logic of the industry seeking wider scope?

‘The Sixth Sense’ was something totally different and though, perhaps, doomed as one-punchline work by the hasty mainstream audience, the rest still watch it time and again, having a lightbulb appearing overhead now and then. And you don’t have to stare it with microscope, once the punchline is there the rest starts to unfold. And what a wonderful blossom it is, once you watch it again (provided you are not one of those with eidetic memory like Dr.Sheldon Cooper).
And it is a true gem for less-than-average Joe like me, who spent some childhood time in library seeking the paranormal and UFO sections, staying away from action-filled horror but seeking the reports of sudden apparitions or poltergeists shattering the ‘Everyday’ life. We watch the Prom horror and half laughing, half dropping bricks, react to the inevitable moments; but we are there for the horror we can bet is continuously the same. How about the ‘Everyday’? Of course even that goriest mainstream tries to shock with unexplained meddling into the ‘Everyday’. No. You need to picture, to define and figure the human beings these sequences are declaring close enough to real life; giving it time long enough for the audience to believe it could initially be another prose from, say, some new John Steinbeck. Family, community, team. The family works best. It is historical, from the early literary to the Hollywood movies. The Holy Entity. A family. You would not touch it.


The colors are brewing. Watch out for total Autumn!

It worked in ‘Pet Sematary’. And as we are at modern times, it is more and more often an already broken or less traditional family. In most cases it is quite a contemporary foundation for the ensuing plot if not causing it, simply exploiting our images of the world changing.
What’s most important; first time I ever heard about this movie, I thought automatically ‘Right, some kid foresees EndoftheWorld or sumpin’?’ Totally and positively wrong. The rest of even hearing about this took the sour turn when some of the nerds declared the punchline even before the silver screen reached it; thanks a lot. Being a competing nerd does not guarantee the existence if spine.


I do have it. My former employer still exists in Chicago. Another thing is to translate word ‘Flash’.

(Right. Those who feel cheated to read mere blabber can exit while I wake up the rest by announcing that I have a neatly framed ‘Certificate for Flash Programming’ which I proudly carried with me as I programmed circuits naked; same goes with Flash Blogging though I do not own certificate) We shall get into the case at hand. And I shall need Your help when I’m publishing it(scared and tired): Get the soundtrack playing in the background. If there is no harmony between my arranged letters and the soundtrack, keep the soundtrack.

Soon. While I sort out my treatment.