Remind me to do a review of ‘Pet Sematary‘. This simply because the tragedy and melancholy of ‘White Noise 2: The Light‘ is inherited from the movies like ‘Pet Sematary’, yet they have a lot to do before they reach the depressing air which made the ‘Pet Sematary’ such a great movie(You’ll have my five point out of 5 in the future).Image
Why did the ‘Pet Sematary’ come to my mind. Not the melancholic take but the character of Abe Dale(Nathan Fillion) compares straight to Dale Midkiff‘s tragic Louis Creed. Like Michael Keaton in the initial ‘White Noise’. Now you of course ask who the hell are these people? Apart from Keaton, answer from my POV is the so-called B-movies. I have personally resented the term ‘A-Z’Movies’ from the start. There are best movies and there are worst movies and an universe from between. Always. But of course a bureaucratist mind must put them in marked shelves.
Dale Midkiff and Nathan Fillion(is that real?pardon) are the victims to take the parts. Midkiff and Fillion are able to take the stage, in my humble opinion. But Hollywood decided otherwise? Dunno.
So, ‘White Noise 2: The Light‘ starts with TV screens and takes of the life of the family of Abe Dale. And then that family gets killed. Just before the killing by an unknown madman, the wife has shown strange symptoms and just before she’s swept down by the bullets, she goes into a mesmerized stage, standing up and saying ‘Tria Mera’. This is one negative feature, the audience does not see the explanation before much later,. A mother is seen to mutter strange words and then shot and there is no reference to words in eons. Bad.


I hate the words of jackdaws, magpies and crows. They make me sad in any light.

Not to spoil too much, the meaning of ‘The Light’ consists of amount of ‘Poltergeist‘ TV terror, but also demons that move along the electric lines. The positive part for conservative ghost movie zealot is that the dead are mad and very used to spots you don’t expect, unless you are the one to identify background music and sounds to change. The ghosts are made of good effects, and what’s better not the jerky movements, they just appear with great effect just to go away. A few nasty moments about and you’ll enjoy them. Enough for spoils. Katee Sackhoff(Battlestar Galactica) makes a good role of hippie style always-smile nurse and a tragic key in the end. She’s cute(I resent blondes but I bet that’s the fault of my sister’s, haw haw!), Katee Sackhoff IS cute. And her part is scripted to be cute.
The plot is good enough for me. I’m sorry to see Nathan Fillion without proper honors but there is still time.

Another movie deserving more than the numbers it got. I would give 3/5 and those missing two would come from just following a genre wave and the name: It should have been named just ‘White Light’. Not like a doomed number 2.
Aww. I must get into that ‘Pet Sematary‘ and give it the honors it deserves. Must research first how Stephen King liked it. I did not read the book, as always.