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Yesterday I watched a DVD received from Santa(of course, sorry family), Staten Island. It is one of those minimalistic movies I seldom care about but there was something worth contemplation for not-so-arty audience. After all the aftertaste was from a gift that was handed knowing what receiving party likes of this society. Staten IslandI don’t like ‘inside’ mob stuff, ‘Godfather‘ saga and ‘The Sopranos‘ are dull bullies for me (Don’t you mass ‘uuh’ at me!). Only mob opera for me might be the Wagnerian ’80s Scarface with ever excellent Al Pacino. The rest for me are found from olde film noir.

About the Staten Island: Perhaps I totally missed the symbolism of mob boss joining the green party or then it was the simple pursuit of meaning, the record breaking attempts working as evidence. Maybe it was the mob-tired screen writers to implement funny way about these people craving visibility at any price, the mother motive being a bit stronger than usual. But the grand design of conquering Staten Island from other mobs is quickly compressed into poor suburban everyday where any attempt to change is doomed. Ethan Hawke does well  as a tragic plumber who also wants the world but via his child, bound to be an Einstein compared to father. Third factor, who else is the vengeancing deaf-mute meat cutter pappy than society itself facing ‘enough is enough’? BTW. If you don’t like weaving flashbacks plot, leave it.

Jackdaws drove pigeons to migrate and Ace the cat is less nuisance at small bird's feeding station.

Jackdaws drove pigeons to migrate and Ace the cat is less nuisance at small bird’s feeding station.

That’s it. Byt he way, I found a truly little program to retro the typing, Qwertick. Tried others also but this has a decent carriage return. Others contain self configurable stuff but I separate writing and gadgets, unless writing of gadgets.