I was about to write about local 9-year old girl who was hit by car whose driver stopped to check if girl caused damage and drove away. I was also about to write about a man elsewhere in this country who abused and raped his wife twice and got his sentence shortened along with mitigation to probation due ‘less violent’ second rape. Let ’em be. Instead I read these statistics to check the sudden gloating around the media field. I immediately wanted to continue typing¬† ‘The Contemporary Rotten Soul Anthology Vol.2’, this is very humorous:

It is not a lie, though the truth is much more frightening (keep an eye on the zombies later in this blog).
So, Finland shines again. I tell you the recipe, it is simple and also helps receiving the Least Corrupted awards:

  1. Take a countryful of press, FM radio, television and news sites; mass the media(sic) onto chopping board.
  2. Cut the whole to maximum of few parts, buy and concentrate under strict control.
  3. Sell some to foreigns but retain authority over local policy.
  4. Concentrate rest under a small group of business, don’t worry about qualifications.
  5. Ripen and add bunch of shallow journalists; when the guts and spine become removable, pick out; mix the dough with self-preservation, conveniences and wrath of god(see 4.); ensure they are tied to facade with lifestyle and mortgages.
  6. Don’t let the dough touch wrong parties or big business, use Security of State Declaration(tm) if needed(see recipe for ‘Preserving STASI documents’).
  7. Keep Public Broadcasting swelling under one party, take executive from other to flavor the facade, remember, its free piece of cake for you.
  8. Take the cake off the the oven and test it by cleaning the dirt from convicted public characters with Intimate & Snivelling(tm) talk shows. If there is no crackle and pop, it’s done.
  9. Pick carefully pieces for international delivery, negative ones only concerning parties non grata and keep the peripheral areas down and quiet.
  10. Receive Press Freedom and Least Corrupted awards.

That’s it. Easy as North Korea cake but no gunpoint needed, mortgages and facades do the trick.


A branch of raw material used for press gently covers the sundown.

Nuff said, back to business:

Calling old style horror stories ‘mold’ may not quite be too polite, so my disclaimer tells I’m talking with the mouth of major audience, whose interests lie elsewhere than in cobweb parade of Ann Radcliffe, Sir Walter Scott, J. Sheridan le Fanu, Montague Rhodes James et cetera; not to mention writers’ attempts to revitalize or keep alive the genre; rare are the roaming and unpredictable ghosts.
One does not need to think too far when a reason is not only found, but actually hits you from the flanks if you refuse to see it:
The fantasy fiction (superclass for science fiction, horror, The Fantasy etc) literature consumed is always attached to the real world around it. No conscious and deliberate symbolism with ambiguous references needed. I have read world literature perhaps same percentage as I occupy space in the universe but daresay one will always find a connection between the current fantasy and the living world.
No, I’m not talking about people eating, breeding, shooting arse rockets or another daily concept, but the contemporary state of our own world and its attitudes.
It’s an echo and actually inconceivable as such; at least for those who crave 100% imagination into books, movies and TV series. One might ask, what then are the concepts to identify these connections?

Upper levels contain the writer’s own direct experiences of the world, which are transformed into other worlds in manuscript. (Stereo)typical may be a vengeancing barbarian(no noble princes anymore?) who slashes bullies into meat shop counter. And of course the direct consequence of the barbarian becoming the king and marrying the Prom Queen from writer’s school. Or similarly in the space opera.
Stop staring at me! Hurm…That’s the simplest upper level example.
To this gap I declare that of course not every sword&magic and space opera is written by bullied and heartbroken, though they may be the best at it. Almost put myself to those prejudicial, phoh…Be on lookout for next one far below.
Another Low Level identifiers are the scripts for modern science fiction TV Series: They all contain more or less the current Earth. And when talking about fairy tales like Grimms’, their pure existence is messed with modern urban world as well: The egocentrism of modern society concentrates on its own navel instead of letting the imagination soar and go far away(ok…’where no one has gone before’ if you want…). The question if there is any real imagination around anymore, is too frightening to solve.
The ‘Walking Dead’ is something that breaks both frontiers and gorgeous urban superhuman, being a remarkable exception. And what is there left to translate in George A. Romero’s ‘Dawn of the Dead’, where zombies slouch along the department store?


Something Edward Cullen forgot? No, brother; journalism did.

The deeper level includes more behavioral characteristics. Let’s begin with another genre: Sadly I have noticed that similarly to historical movies, even the historic literary fall into this category: The actors are left far away from their counterparts in official history books, they are too much of our time; in movies, no matter how well they perform their lines and costuming; a merciless result of evolution so there is no remedy except CGI. And how many cigarettes did you count, say, in 2001 movie ‘Pearl Harbor’? Maybe my memory fails but just one example.
However, we want to separate The History and The Shakespeare, where the performance rightfully matters over the facts.
Similarly the historic books sooner or later suddenly contain an attitude that is not from there long ago but from today. It’s all about research(which still is fun, by the way). Going back to total fantasy fiction we may make a note of familiar group behavior of the oppressed or the aggressive. It may sound from Upper Level simplicity but even the subconscious may help and feed something read from books of history. How well the writer performs here to hide the similarities (unless direct Upper Level reference) depends on writer’s own imagination.
Still a bit shallow if not confusing. Now the deep: I’ll give you my next trap of dropping into prejudicials.

The new wave of urban vampire stories hit western world in the eighties, bringing a few movies along. Of course we were still watching old Hammer’s(it’s back BTW!) Christopher Lee as the bloodthirsty count Dracula accompanying the not-so-reluctant huge cleavages and there may have been a smaller stream of vampire literature beneath the mainstreams. However, works like Twilight seem to have been the first to burst the teen imagination, and that is definitely one of the deeper level conclusions. Not the adult audience but a world view for teens: Who else is Edward Cullen than a modern day alpha specimen? A species the modern society is bringing up in real world, blood being only the strongest of symbols. A species running after their own good, regardless of collateral damages. The image of ‘abnormal’and marginalized youth is thin after all because the powers possessed exceed the dull masses.

If we see the modern vampire literature this way, wouldn’t it be most promising to have teens rushing to read and see ‘Frankenstein’, that Modern Day Prometheus? A creature trying to find his identity and himself. After all, how many different things are growing up humans feed today in the name of education and civilizing, things that actually and eventually form the innocent and beautiful child into a patchwork of attitudes, difficult to carry through the life? Aren’t we taught one way but the reality shows more often that wrong way? And that fact sneaks into the culture as accepted, because we are hostages of our own material and status; we are massed among similar thinking, not risking to differ; nothing is really wrong, why care? Where wanders the Prometheus who does not end up chopped liver?


The Adventures of Young Prometheus

The problem in critisizing the ‘teen vampire wave’ from the direction of ‘mold’ is that actually these vampire stories are closer to original Gothic Horror than the later two-penny hauntings. There are heroine, hero(though really supernatural),perils and the romance; the twists and turns are modern but the basic heritage remains. Something to remember when mocking teen vampires around the Web.
Yet the dilemma of good-hearted Edward Cullen still being an echo of current egocentrism and greed remains: Why vampires?

Apologizes, if I probably lost the clue rows ago. While you are still scratching yer heads out there, I greedily try to sell you something that will make you the oppressors of innocent doors for years:

TTOEH cover

The Terror of Ennistown Hotel.
Hate the doors. Not the band.

Thank You and don’t slam the door while you exit.