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The future of creative authoring?

The title refers to this article in SingularityHUB. While it touches the noble section of fact books and data, I still fear the authors – from novice to professional, from left to right, from poor to wealthy, from homeless to billionaires, from sick to healthy, from drunk to sober – palpitate their rage and despair and denial into the public channels upon this kind of news; would it still be better to pour little more port and tend the hearth, then return at Remington?

Ok, maybe this is a bit exacerbating the issue. But the soul that hids itself from this kind of truths and probabilities will suffer from that hiding. At this moment I would say ‘Carry on, nothing to see here!’ due to the fact that at least automated fiction has not had a total public breaktrough. But the fact is that of course the development of computer has included the Monkeys vs. Shakespeare scenario as long as there have beet binaries processed. No surprises there. Heck, one can use current office softwares to automate most often used sentences and modify the results. And you can find several crap generators from the Web to create those meeting minutes and reports. Word processor has suddenly a whole new meaning? I don’t bother to check how advanced software are out there.

We run the fiction section scenario:

Providing there will not be a widely promoted 100% artistic fiction automate approaching, the major questions will be

  1. How much will a fiction forming mainstream software (Adobe style scifi, horror, romance, sex, violence package bundle) cost?
  2. How much must the new generation of these semi-authors to edit, that is inserting a taste and flavor into machine draft?
  3. How much lower will be the commission of the author, after the license(per ‘product’ I bet) and traditional publishing fees?
  4. Are these semi-automated end products qualified for traditional literature prizes?
  5. How does the software take care of signing the books in fairs and stores? Perhaps it will be next to ‘author’ visible like the sport brand next to winner?
Img Software

Imaginative future for fiction word processing?

Seriously, of course this will affect the market. I know already that for one mainstream huge marketed blockbuster there are hundreds of better ones, hidden by the lack of marketing and mainstream trends. That’s one the principle of indie world. But I tend to certain fatalism with fully automated fiction factories appearing at some point.

But don’t mix them with indie book line. Is it not the trend, the most used and favored that is most easy to copy and recreate automatically? I will retain my imagination which means not brown-nosing the trends today here and gone tomorrow.