I’m not going to apologize the absence of blogging for a while. First, I’m not sure if anyone reads these(not spying stats everyday). Second, I haven’t had anything to say. So, unless someone proves me the importance of reporting toilet visits or coffee making or a tour in alien planet, I’m not sorry.

Aghast! in the title: Apart from the great egos of the society, most of us remember all the shadows in darkness during nighty-night, the odd forms in the wall and the odd forms things took when seeing them after dark. Were you sure that doll or that lego crane did not just move or transform and definitely not into a friendly version of mech Godzilla? Or how many of you got the infamous tree branches outside of the window? Not me, luckily. But everything else occurred to child’s mind, even over age of twenty!  How fun was it to spend nights in the attic section that belonged to passed-away grandfather in an old tight-built Finnish house, yet prone to all noise caused by temperature changes and critters. All alone, the original habitants having been six feet under for years. Only comfort being that grandpa was so rational to the end, I was afraid of him appearing due being afraid of nonsense, get a load of that…Well, I was there voluntarily as a family tourist. Just a memory. But being aghast! I got some excellent shots while admiring our lousy valley from the cliffs just after snow and frost got here:


The Gnome root

I must survive The Gnome to get home. Tree victim of storms, only the size of the pic has been changed.


Darken a bit and think about it while going to sleep.

How about those shadows forms in the gap between wall and door? Are you sure you left the door open or closed? Something’s up, either this year or next January.