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Apologizes first: Last post  missed title and else; how ever I tried to edit and preview seemed OK, it never came up. Not at least for me, iE9 and Firefox.

Current title comes from me preparing to switch to winter tyres. So good luck mr Spine if you still are there, we are already well past the fall phase below.

Everything so pale; it freezes to the bone, warms imagination and improves taste of coffee.

The traditional Finnish horror show is on, the municipal council elections. Puppets dance and sing like Robin Goodfellow in front of us where ever we walk, drive, cycle, ride or hopscotch. Promises are given, political parties postpone parlamentary decisions beyond elections and innocent bypassers are snatched into streetside booths messed up with party colors. The lighter side I seek from all hypocrisy, somehow it feeds the yarn inside me.

All Hallows Day closes in US and I’m late for deadline. So one of the few published must go giveaway, another gothic one.

I went blocked by three different themes: Anthology Vol.2, a horror comedy play, and last and not least the novel project. I don’t know why I try a playscript  format, I’m sure it wont work with eBook readers. Must research and ask. The novel project is an attempt to move into long tales, though it will not be gothic one but ghost side anyway.

I know the anti-block procedure at least for short ones: See everyday newscurrent and it means weird satire for Anthology, or retire to study with old horror and classical music as the only media stimulant and it will be the ‘standard horror’. So what I’m I waiting for?