Published last (whole)one from the drawer, ‘The Death of a Colonel‘. It carries also the dubious value of being my first and reading it after such a long time first caused certain amount of amusement but I decided to publish it anyway. At least it will once again get the ghosts of Dr Samuel Johnson and my English teacher’s to hover about!

I was expecting something of an empty feeling, instead there form new idea every now and then; the different dilemma is, should I type something more contemporary? Could I actually do something new instead of copying(and scrapping) ancient styles? I should read something modern first, perhaps. Or then not, I suck at reading modern. It’s kinda similar to reading William Gibson compared to watching Star Wars, in my humble opinion.

How horrible would be the moment I actually I’m asked to evaluate other’s works? My siblings are teacher and author/literature teacher; I have none of those qualities. I rather take something from the dust and create own application from the style, calling it Geek Week and burying it into drawer(before I found the e-Indie systems). I’m actually scared to grab something modern and note that this and that idea is now second-hand. Stupid enough. What am I afraid of, losing my virginity?