Remnants of storm Leslie and hurricane Michael are knocking on our tin roof here in Finland. It seems now the weather is turning toward cold; about time if I’m asked. This however gave me an idea while I’m confused with another of my old scripts: ‘In Good Company‘ is another traditional gothic horror and once I get it formatted properly and invent some fancy cover, I think I will publish it as a freebie at Smashwords.com. You see, it is crammed with pirate and other cliches and I fear it will remind the reader about those fresh Caribbean pirates movies rather than produce interest for ancient horror stories, which is one of my wishes for objective. Such is the cultivation of pirate jargon in nowaday’s popular culture that they feel mere anachronisms. However, the main idea is that there are three stories yarned in a tavern, all inside a fourth story.

As I stammer and stutter across the evolution of blog handling, I might remind that the blog name comes from my short story, Liberi Sursum Coeli’, the manor of Scyllaclough Grange. I think I might return there in other story.